Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bella Ink from Decadent Publishing - Coming Soon!

Bella Ink is coming soon! I'm so excited about my 1Night Stand release coming March 1st. from Decadent Publishing. Per reader request, Bella Ink continues the story of Jet and Ink from the Rally Riders Series - Beautiful Ink. Although the titles are nearly identical, the tales are not. Beautiful Ink concentrates on Ink, the gorgeous tattoo artist Ink Monroe and the tough image she struggles to maintain. Bella Ink, on the other hand, focuses on the man who could love the hard-edged and vulnerable woman buried beneath black lace and roses.

Under the lace and roses of Ink Monroe's tattoo hides the vulnerable Bella. Years of protective bravado have left her skittish as a wild mustang, but Jet Ryan's determined to find the truth beyond Ink's smoke and mirrors. But, can he get beyond her defenses to the tender woman he wants to love?

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