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  1. Will you write more? There has to be more to tell of the story about the lady and her new pup you created in "Whipped Puppy". What an unusual setting too. Sturgis and motorcycles. The story made be wish I could re-live my time in Dakota and go to the rally instead of staying away. Perhaps the possibilities of what this story shows were available even then.

    Laying claim to the male as the lady did from the first words spoken, calling him a 'puppy' after her light touch and always using the word pup or puppy to address him throughout the story is almost intoxicating to read.

    What is the "L" and the "C" of your name the abbreviation for? It would be nice to know.
    I look forward eagerly to a reply.

    I compliment you on your creation. Please write further of the lady and her puppy.