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Ginger Snaps For Two actually had me in tears. Ginger is so vulnerable and covers it up by being tough and demanding. Neil is easy-going and fun, while quick to dominate her when the situation calls for it. Selleck quietly and gently dominates the other two, while having his damaged soul nourished by their love. The sex among them, which includes BDSM, m/m, anal sex, and toys, is beautiful, loving, and really hot. The pace flowed well and the plot had some depth along with the sizzling hot sexual relationships. By the time I reached the happy ending, I was definitely in need of relief! Ginger Snaps For Two deserves the JERR Silver Star Award because it’s a delightful sexy holiday story that you won’t forget.

Ginger Snaps For Two by L.C. Dean was an definitely an intense read! It had my imagination engaged from the onset. The highs and lows of the story flowed so well together, I never had a moment to wonder if it was going to pick up. Ginger Snaps For Two shows the ins and outs, the little nuances that some of us may miss, if we are already in a happily committed relationship, that go on during the first stages of a relationship. The learning to compromise, and bend, or remain firm in your stand.

Although I do have to say without giving a lot away, that if you are not into BDSM, or M/M this is definitely not a book for you. While I may enjoy the "vanilla" side, I enjoy reading about these things, and my hubby thoroughly enjoys reaping the benefits!

I absolutely cannot wait til the next book from L.C. Dean

That's What I'm Talking About.

Ginger Snaps for Two is most definitely an erotic romance, and Dean fully explores all the possibilities to be had in each encounter. My previous concerns aside, Selleck, Neil, and Ginger are most assuredly scorching together, and there’s plenty of uninhibited lust throughout the story to fuel most any fantasy, including one particularly cheeky scene that takes place close to a nativity.

All three of the main characters are vastly different in every way, save their mutual need for love and acceptance. This common ground makes the struggle they engage in a captivating one, and the undercurrents of BDSM paint every scene with an enticingly darker touch. In the end, Ginger’s realizations about herself made me believe that what Selleck and Neil were offering was exactly what she needed, and that she was truly what they needed in return. B+

Whipped Cream Reviews
Short stories are hard pressed to please people quickly and efficiently. Authors have to outline the plot, build characters, and develop a believable storyline. All in the shortest amount of time possible. Ms. Dean makes a tough job look easy. She put a whole lot of love, healing and understanding in a nice little package. Mountain Claiming is a wonderful love-at-first-sight story. She played all my emotions like a professional. What a great job and a definite keeper for my bookshelf!   5 Cherries

Carrie Ann: 
Soooooo soooo good. Those Castillo boys are amazing. This is 18th 1NS book and tied with 2 others as my favorite.
I could easily see this being a longer novel. L.C. Dean said that this was her first time writing a M/M story and if readers liked it she would write more - well please do so.
This story had depth, emotion and HOTNESS. This is the first of her work I have read but now I will eagerly be reading more.  
5 stars 

Top 2 Bottom Reviews:
Attraction is strong, lust even stronger, and we are given the gift of their loving in these short pages. We get to see this relationship begin between two men who were meant to be in every sense of the word. It’s a sweet story and worth your time.    4 stars

The characters are real. I didn’t feel like these were cardboard characters and I wondered if the author had based the characters on people she actually knew. The author also has a really good ear for dialogue. The dialogue is real and distinct.

I also liked the nice twist with the one night stand. It was not who I expected it to be and I thought the buildup to the actual one night stand was good and real. There was tension and it wasn’t obvious that the one night stand was actually going to happen.    B

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