Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - M/M


Blurb - Mountain Claiming. When Madame Eve and her One Night Stand offer a chance at escape, Daniel Long runs toward the hope of a future without repression. Everything on the island steals his breath including the gorgeous hotel owner, Jagger Castillo. Daniel quickly discovers he’s out of bondage and way out of his comfort zone.
Jagger and Daniel meet on Grand Turk for a 1 Night Stand up by Madame Eve. At this point, they have retired to Daniel's room to explore the night's possibilities. 


With an irrepressible grin, he reentered the main room.
Daniel knelt on the floor, naked, head down hands clasped behind his back. He looked gorgeous, a sculpture done in milk chocolate. So perfect and so wrong. The sight pissed Jagger off. He set the basket on a nearby table and stopped in front of his fantasy with a growl. “Want to tell me what the hell you’re doing?”

Sunday, December 11, 2011

 This Sunday we return to Ginger Snaps for Two for the  

"Admit you want me.”

She wanted him with a nearly mindless need, but she could kiss her professional reputation good-bye if anyone ever found out she had let a near stranger get her off in public—that she longed for it even. “Rot in hell.”

“Wrong answer.” The hand at her throat tightened while Selleck manipulated the toy between her legs. “I don’t like being ignored.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Warning Super Naughty Six for Six Sentence Sunday for To Taste A Warrior - a hot little independent release with a bit of help from Wizards of Publishing and Fiona Frog Designs.


Her glance touched his cock in an almost physical caress before she looked up again. “Would you like to fuck me, Captain Ries?”

Shit! Had she really asked that? Was it a trick question? “Six ways from Sunday, beautiful.”

Friday, December 2, 2011

SJD Peterson~*~It's all in the touch: Nice & Naughty ~ L.C. Dean

Let's see who reads or shares my stuff. If at least fifteen people comment on today's post, I will give away a $10 shopping spree at Decadent Publishing.
SJD Peterson~*~It's all in the touch: Nice & Naughty ~ L.C. Dean: Blurb: Ginger Burke considers herself a hard-assed bitch. She micromanages every aspect of her world, including the subs she controls as ...

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The clever and lovely Bianca Sommerland interviewed me - posts through the 3rd. Drop by if you have a moment.