Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Snippet from Ginger Snaps for Two

“Ignoring me is not nice.”
Moist desire rushed to pool between her legs. She swallowed and attempted nonchalance. “I didn’t. My computer shut down. It was weird.”
Selleck snorted. “Liar.”
“I don’t lie.” She summoned the righteous indignation that usually flared so easily, but the defense mechanism wouldn’t materialize. Shoving against his chest, she tried to force him back. “If you think that of me, maybe you shouldn’t have come here.”
“Quit with the act.” Gentle fingers traced her tight jaw. “You don’t have to be tough for me, only honest.”
With a quick slap, she knocked his hand aside. Obviously, the wine and food had nothing to do with his impact on her. “I’m really getting sick of you telling me what to do. If you’re so special, maybe you should go fuck yourself.”
Anger snapped in his eyes even in the dim light. His hand closed around her throat. Steadying her without choking, he lifted her to her toes. “I don’t think so.” He leaned in. The press of his body holding her to the wall took the strain off her neck and legs. “See, that’s your job and you’re going to beg me for the privilege someday soon.”

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